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Sponsorship Options

COJUG has four standard sponsorship options but we are always willing to listen to new ideas.

1. Provide speaker
2. Provide door prizes
3. Provide food (lunch and/or dinner meeting)
4. Provide an after hours event after the meeting

 If you are interested in sponsoring, email for more details.

Providing Food

Meetings average between 40-50 and 25-35 attendees for lunch and evening meetings respectively, so if you are providing food plan on providing food and drinks accordingly unless otherwise indicated due to special speaker or topics. In addition, we have a sizable amount of vegetarians that attend so please plan on about 20% vegetarian. It is best if the food can arrive and be set up at least 15 minutes before the meeting. For the lunch meetings that would be at 11:15 pm and for the evening meetings that would be 6:15.

If you are struggling with coming up with where to get food Donatos Pizza  always makes a good fall back option.

Access to Attendee List

It is a COJUG policy that we do not share membership or attendee list information. If you wish to collect such information, it is recommended that you provide a door prize as well as a hat and slips of paper to collect such information to determin the winner of your door prize. The more significant the door prize the more likely attendees are willing to share such information. If it is significant enough let

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