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Automation with GherkinSalad

When 2013-02-12 | 18:30:00  
Event Title Automation with GherkinSalad
Presenter Ayan Dave
Where OCLC's Kilgour building auditorium
Event description:


Over the last few years Automated Testing of web applications using Cucumber, WebDriver and related tools has picked up momentum. As more teams and organizations adopt these techniques and run into their unique challenges there are numerous patterns and best practices that will come forward. GherkinSalad is a collection of a bunch of patterns & practices as Ayan experienced and realized them after working on several different automation efforts. Some of the practices apply to the way gherkins are written and organized and others apply to how automation is achieved. This presentation will cover these practices including create and reuse Component Objects, Reporting, Hard & Soft Failure and techniques on writing and managing gherkins.


Ayan Dave is a developer who is fond of automation, testing and likes to explore different tools and techniques to do these. For 8 hours a day he works with Quick Solutions as Senior Consultant and writes code for its clients. For other 8 hours he writes code for the GherkinSalad framework and keeps asking his 3 year old daughter if she would like to help (she said no). For the remaining 8 hours he dreams of writing code :)

Venue OCLC's Kilgour building auditorium
Street address 6565 Kilgour Place Dublin OH 43017-3395

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