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SQL Tuning Tips for JAVA Developers

When 2009-12-08 | 11:30:00  
Event Title SQL Tuning Tips for JAVA Developers
Presenter Tony Andrews
Where OCLC's Smith Building Dinning Room
Event description:


Poorly coded programs or improperly coded SQL statements are often the culprit causing poor performance in relational database systems.  This presentation’s focus will be to increase JAVA developers’ knowledge in the ways of performance and tuning in an RDMS database environment. I will specifically provide development and SQL tips that improves performance problems that occur in JAVA development.  Most of these topics relate to any of the RDMS systems (Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, etc.), but some of the topics slant towards DB2.

For example, today’s developers know that achieving good performance and response times in applications revolves around the tuning of many technical areas. Tuning efforts can be made at the operating system level, the database level, within the network, and in many other system areas. Still, the majority of performance issues among applications that access a relational database are caused by the developers themselves – by the way they design their programs, and the way they code their SQL queries.

By modifying JAVA and SQL code, understanding Runstat options, and understanding Optimization, there are many things that JAVA developers can do to resolve performance issues. This presentation will provide development tips and suggestions, along with many SQL coding examples, all with the purpose of gaining better performance.

Topic 1 – What causes performance issues?
Topic 2 – Understanding Optimization
Topic 3 – What can a developer get from an Explain Tool?
Topic 4 – Top 25 performance tips for JAVA SQL developers
Topic 5 – Hibernate Performance Concerns


Help JAVA developers understand performance issues
Help JAVA developers understand their roles in performance
Provide JAVA developers with some direction in tuning a poorly performing application, program, or SQL query


Tony Andrews has more than 23 years’ experience in the development of relational database applications. Most of this time, he has provided development and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Tony has written literally thousands of queries and programs during his development years, and has also served as a database analyst. His experience has shown that the majority of performance issues is directly related to poorly coded programs or improperly coded SQL statements. For the last 10 years, Tony has been splitting his time between performance and tuning consulting engagements and SQL performance and tuning training. His main focus is to teach today’s developers the ways of RDMS application design, development and SQL programming – always with a special emphasis on improving performance.

Venue OCLC's Smith Building Dinning Room
Street address 6565 Kilgour Place Dublin OH 43017-3395

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