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Spring Web Flow inside of Grails

When 2008-12-09 | 11:30:00  
Event Title Spring Web Flow inside of Grails
Presenter Joseph Faisal Nusairat
Where OCLC's Kilgour Building Private Dinning Room
Event description:


One of the hottest new features coming out of the spring team is Spring Web Flow. With the 2.0 released recently, it will start to gain even more support. What is Spring Web Flow you ask? Simply it is a way one can easily construct the flow of the website without having to make the services aware of what page the service should forward to next. However, this is not just about controlling the flow, with Spring Web Flow one is able to keep state of the objects for the duration of the flow, one is able to stop someone from entering in the middle of the flow, and most importantly one can create alternate paths inside the flow. All of these features give your application added functionality that it didn’t have before and with less code than would take for one to implement by themselves.

So what’s the downside to Spring Web Flow? It’s written and defined in XML. However, with the Spring Web Flow integration with Grails that will not be the case. We are able to design flows with Groovy for a truly readable representation. Using the groovy builder syntax to define the flow, this presentation will show how one uses Spring Web Flow and how easy it is to integrate it inside our Grails applications.


Joseph Faisal Nusairat, author of “Beginning JBoss Seam” and co-author of “Beginning Groovy & Grails”, is a Java developer who has been working full time in the Columbus Ohio area since 1998, primarily focused on Java development. His career has taken him into a variety of Fortune 500 industries including military applications, data centers, banking, internet security, pharmaceuticals, and insurance.  Joseph is particularly fond of open source projects and tries to use as much open source software as possible when working with clients. Joseph is a graduate of Ohio University with dual degrees in Computer Science and Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry.  Currently, Joseph works as a Senior Partner at Integrallis Software ( ).  In his off-hours he enjoys watching bodybuilding and Broadway musicals, but not at the same time.

Venue OCLC's Kilgour Building Private Dinning Room
Street address 6565 Kilgour Place Dublin OH 43017-3395

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