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Continuous Gratification with Hudson CI

When 2008-11-11 | 11:30:00  
Event Title Continuous Gratification with Hudson CI
Presenter BJ Allmon
Where OCLC's Kilgour Building Private Dinning Room
Event description:


Continuous integration (CI) is a critical practice that modern software development teams have employed because it helps them build confidence in the software they are developing and the team they are doing it with. The practice of CI is a key tenant in getting the flywheel spinning for software projects by helping to keep integration issues in check, defect rates down, and test coverage and code quality high. Without a good feedback loop a project can come to a screeching halt and integration becomes painful.

The Hudson project is an opensource Java web application that helps with the automation of CI by building, testing, and deploying the software. In this session you will learn how to use Hudson for your own software projects and how to configure it with very little effort.


BJ Allmon is a software developer, author, and speaker. For 6 years BJ developed software solutions for several industries and customers of Pillar Technology Group, based in Ohio and Michigan. Recently, BJ accepted a staff software development position at a local medical product company called Click4Care located in Powell, Ohio.

BJ specializes in enterprise open source tools and frameworks. IBM DeveloperWorks has published tutorials from BJ that include “Build Rich Internet Applications - Using OpenLaszlo, Eclipse Laszlo IDE, and Web Tools” and “Configureless J2EE development with Stripes, Apache Derby, and Eclipse”. With much passion for Java opensource, Groovy and Grails, and agile development practices BJ is currently writing a book for Manning entitled “Flex On Java” that will help guide Java developers on how to integrate Flex into their current development environment without throwing away solid frameworks and practices.

Venue OCLC's Kilgour Building Private Dinning Room
Street address 6565 Kilgour Place Dublin OH 43017-3395

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